St. Matthew Passion 26 Feb 2023

The choir is working hard in preparation for our upcoming performance of Bach’s St. Matthew Passion in the Church of St. Thérèse, Mount Merrion, Dublin at 7pm on Sunday, February 26th.  We’re all looking forward to having a rare opportunity to sing this wonderful work to a large and appreciative audience.

During the performance, the audience will be invited to join in the singing of the melody line for five of the chorales, a practice which was common in Bach’s time.  You can see and hear us rehearsing one of these chorales at – the text of the chorale is displayed on the video, so if you wish you can take the opportunity to get in some pre-concert practice by joining in the singing.

Tickets, priced €30 (€25 concessions), may be purchased online via this link.

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