Audio resources

This page contains general audio resources for use by choir members.  This includes individual voice lines for some of the pieces we are rehearsing, and pronunciation files where appropriate.

** Note that you’ll need a MIDI file player to listen to tracks from the Learn Choral Music website – further information on this requirement is provided on the website **

Voice lines

Beethoven: Choral Fantasy





Texts and exercises

John Dexter’s Rhythm Method: – this booklet by our musical director, published in 2009, provides guidance and tuition in the sight-singing of simple and more complex rhythmic patterns.   Audio illustrations of the examples and exercises are available in the document by clicking on the associated track number.   N.B. When viewing the document online, clicking on the tracks will switch to viewing the audio player.  In order to continue displaying the text while playing the audio track, download the document to your phone, tablet or computer and click on the links when online.