Celebrating centenaries – Saturday April 6 at St. Patrick’s Cathedral, Dublin

Today (29/03/24) is the centenary of the death of Charles Villiers Stanford, a prolific composer who was born in Dublin in 1852 and died in London in 1924.  Stanford wrote many orchestral, chamber and choral works, as well as a number of operas, but is remembered today mostly for his sacred music.  The Goethe Choir will be marking the centenary by performing three of these works in a concert in Dublin’s St. Patrick’s Cathedral on Saturday evening, 6th April 2024, which will also contain works by Bruckner (‘Te Deum’) and Smetana, marking the bicentenary of the birth of both these composers.

Tickets for the concert are available via Eventbrite.   You can see and hear us singing part of one of the Stanford works in a recent rehearsal at https://youtu.be/Ic4r81hYpS8.

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